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Installing Enclosed & Gasket Series 705 type Units

This fixture is UL listed for Damp and Wet location only.
I. CAUTION: Risk of fire or electrical shock. Disconnect all power before installing or maintaining unit. This fixture should only be installed by a qualified (Licensed) professional.

II. The outer housing and gasket of this product are resistant to many hostile environments and chemicals. Every environment is different. There is no guarantee the fixture will be sufficiently resistant in any given application. Consult factory for information regarding the products application in a specific environment or exposure to specific chemicals.

III. Make sure application and installation area are classified correctly.
    A. This fixture is UL listed for Damp and Wet location only. It is not UL classified or listed for class I, II, or III areas.
    B. UL listed Damp and Wet location fixtures are not designed to be gas tight and they will ‘breath’
      1. Units are shipped without any holes in the outer housing to insure they are sealed when they leave the factory.
      2. Air , and the moisture contained in that air, will enter or leave through conduits, fittings, threads, or any other opening, as pressure differences inside and outside the fixture enclosure occur. If warm moist air intrudes into the fixture and then cools, moisture may condense against interior surfaces of the fixture and corrosion may result.
    C. Installation in areas with a high ambient temperature (showers, steam rooms, etc.) may cause the plastic, lens, and /or gasket to soften. This may damage the fixtures ability to maintain a proper seal. High ambient temperatures may also cause ballast and or lamp overheating resulting in reduced ballast and lamp life and may also cause the ballast to leak or go into thermal overload resulting in thermal cycling.
IV. Carefully inspect the product and all of its parts for correctness and possible damage before use:
    A. Verify correct Mechanical fit and function
      1. Plastic
      2. Housing
      3. Gasket and seal
      4. Latches
      5. Mounting Brackets
      6. Missing or broken parts
      7. Proper and complete Labeling

    B. Verify Wiring and electrical components
      1. Ballast voltage and type
      2. Lamp and type
      3. Loose wires at sockets

    C. Verify complete conformance to Purchase Order and all other specification and Codes.
      1. Do not use or install any fixture that appears non-conforming in any way. Immediately notify the company from which the product was purchased, or call factory at the above phone number, before proceeding.
      2. Confirm fixture backplan before setting hangers. Request a sample of the product before proceeding.

    D. Poor installation will result in mechanical, electrical, optical, aesthetic, and performance problems.
      1. Verify that power of the correct voltage is being supplied to the fixture.
      2. Verify that the fixture is properly grounded.
      3. Attach ground wire to metal housing independent of ballast mounting screws, using hole provided.
      4. Bush all electrical leads entering or leaving the housing

V. NOTE: all mounting brackets, hardware, and seals are optional and not normally supplied by the factory.

VI. Install straight and level. Raking of the fixture housing may twist the lens and housing breaking the seal.

VII. Make sure there is no dirt on the gasket and that the gasket is continuous and complete.

VIII. Make sure the lens is not cracked and that the Housing is not chipped at the gasket or at a seal.

IX. Seat lens completely and use all latches. Be sure the lens is latched completely.

X. Use a insulating bushing at holes (‘KO’s) where wires enter or leave metal housing to prevent chaffing on burs.

XI. Use close nipples when running fixtures in continuous runs.

XII. If surfaced mounted, seal all fasteners that penetrate the housing, inside and out, using RTV compound.

XIII. If Unit Is To Be Pendant Hung:
    A. Use a minimum of two 1/8” IP, ˝” trade size, 3/8” dia. OD, stems for support.
    B. Backup all locknuts and other fastners with large washers for proper support.
    C. Securely hang pendants on correct centers (consult factory to verify current backplan. Request a physical sample before proceeding.
    D. Supply wires must be run through metal stem directly into housing so they are protected at all times.
XIV. If unit is to be mounted using flexible snap-on stainless steel mounting brackets:
    A. When properly installed, these brackets are certified to comply with the standards required for earthquake safety of the Department of Building and Safety of the City of Los Angeles. They are flexible to absorb shock and vibration.
    B. Be sure the mounting bolts are properly secured to the mounting surface.
    C. Be sure the brackets are completely snapped onto the housing edges and are secure.
XV. Seal All Stems, Conduits, and Fittings, Both Outside And Inside, At Entrance To Fixture.
    A. Cut appropriate holes in outer and inner housing.
    B. Use RTV compound to seal the internal diameter of fittings, conduits, and stems.
    C. Use rubber seal washers, ‘O’ ring Gasketed fittings and O’ ring Gasketed lock nuts, or RTV compound, supplied by others, to seal both sides of the outer diameter of the fittings, conduits, and stems,, where they enter the housing.

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