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Meeting Performance Goals Is Critical:
You simply can not afford to guess. It is critical your projects lighting performance goals are met and only credible and realizable expectations are offered to your client.

That’s why we so strongly recommend computer modeling of prototype areas before you go ahead with a time consuming and costly hardware mockup or installation.

Here is how to answer Design Questions With Confidence And Security:
Down load the linked form. Then, by using the data you supply on this form, and modern computer aided lighting design tools like AGI, Crownlite wll help you explore a number of different solutions to your application problem. We will help to you answer, with confidence and security, those universal questions:

  • What level is right for the application?

  • What type, quantity, and configuration of fixtures will work best in the space?

  • Will the lighting system be comfortable (Visual Comfort Probability)?

  • How uniform will it be?

  • Will it provide good lighting on vertical surfaces?

  • How well will people perform under the new system (Relative Visual Performance)?

  • The form is designed to help you gather and organize the data needed to make solid design decisions. It can be used by anyone with a basic knowledge of lighting.

    If you are not sure how to answer any of the questions, just >> Contact Crownlite. We will walk you through the entire process.

    If you already have a reflected ceiling plan, even better! All you need to do is upload the files you have, along with the filled out form. You can use the >> Contact Crownlite function to easily do this.

    The goal is for you to have the answers before your client asks the questions! Depending on complexity, give us 24-72 hours and we will help you get those answers.

    A Better Job In Less Time:
    Crownlite has several other design tools available to make the client interview and programming phase of your lighting project simpler and more thorough. Ask us about our “Project Pre-Qualification Form” which you can give to your client to fill out and return to you and our ‘Project Auditor’s Interview Form”. Both are available by >> Contacting Crownlite customer service.

    When used together, these tools become a method of approaching your project that will shorten the sales cycle and allow you to quickly develop a unique, professional, and compelling proposal for your client or customer. To obtain the form, please download the Complete Article, below.

    Should you or your customer have any further questions regarding this article or any Crownlite product,
    Please >> Contact Crownlite.

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