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Limited Warrantee

Crownlite Mfg. Corp., of 1546 Ocean Avenue, Bohemia, L.I., New York, 11716, will, at its sole discretion, repair or replace, F.O.B. its factory, any of its products sold, which have been installed and maintained in accordance with all applicable codes and, which are agreed to be defective in material or workmanship, provided such claim is made within twelve (12) months of shipment and the defects did not result from non-factory authorized field modifications, or improper, inadequate, or abnormal : use, storage, handling, installation, operation, abuse, ventilation, maintenance, or exposure to harsh or hostile environments, weather, radiation, chemicals, fire, cold or heat.

This LIMITED WARRANTY IS VOID if products are: 1) field modified by other than factory authorized personnel (other than normal ballast and lamp replacement by licensed personnel), which may also void the existing UL listing of the product and require all UL labels to be immediately removed, or 2) used in an abnormal manner, subjected to abnormal conditions, or installed between and against materials which tend to increase the heat within, thus causing ballast/driver/power supply/lamp/led or other failures.

CROWNLITE MAKES NO WARRANTY WHATSOEVER-EITHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED - with regard to lamps, leds, ballast, drivers, power supplies, controls or control equipment, or specular reflector materials. These materials are warranted directly to the End User by the respective manufacturers of these products. Plastic and glass components, wiring and cable connections, and printed circuit boards, are fragile by nature and subject to damage during installation and maintenance.

CROWNLITE MAKES NO WARRANTY WHATSOEVER-EITHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED - with regard to plastic or glass components, wiring and cable connections, and printed circuit boards, once they have been received by the purchaser in good condition.

CROWNLITE MAKES NO WARRANTY WHATSOEVER - EITHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED with regard to any minimum useful life or performance of any material, component, or product.

Consult our website (www.crownlite.com) or call the factory directly with any questions regarding the: application, use, storage, handling, installation, operation, cleaning, or maintenance of any Crownlite product.

Warranty claims will not be honored on parts or products, not: installed, operated, inspected, and maintained by qualified ( licensed ) personnel, in accordance with good engineering practice, the current edition of the National Electrical Code, and the lamp/led and ballast/driver/power supply manufacturer's specifications and recommendations.


Repair or replacement of defective parts, on the above basis, is the purchaserís sole and exclusive remedy, and the LIMIT OF CROWNLITE'S LIABILITY, and shall in no case, regardless of form of action, exceed the purchase price of the product. No other claims will be allowed. Under no circumstances will we be liable for labor, nor for any special, collateral, incidental, or consequential, damages in connection with or arising out of the purchase or use of any Crownlite product.

Any legal claims arising from this LIMITED WARRANTY shall be subject to the laws and jurisdiction of the State of New York. This is Crownlite's sole Warranty. No Employee or Agent of the Corporation is authorized to add to or delete from it.

NOTE: The Purchaser has certain legal rights under this LIMITED WARRANTY and some states do not recognize limits to implied Warranties or consequential damages.

Copies of this LIMITED WARRANTEE is available on request from the Company by mailing to: Crownlite Mfg. Corp., 1546 Ocean Ave., Bohemia, NY 11716, or calling: 631.589.9100.

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