Recessed Lay-In Lensed

High Efficiency (w/ or w/o Low Power (Low Light Output (LLO) Ballast) and High Performance T8 - Recessed fluorescent fixture with quality components assure a long trouble free life.

For use in offices and other commercial spaces require energy efficient lighting.

Many utilities offer rebates for installing energy efficient lighting products. Depending on the choice of: finish, optics, number and type of ballast, number and type of lamp, control strategy, etc, Crownlite can modify this product to meet the specific requirements of your rebate program, whether energy consumption (Lu/W) or fixture efficiency (TLE) based. Consult your local representative or the factory for verification, supporting documentation, and photometrics.

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Recessed Lay-In Lensed

Please Note:
  • Fixtures are U.L. listed and l.B.E.W. Union made.
  • Many fixtures can be configured to meet Federal/State/Local/ and Utility Rebate Program Requirements.
  • Units can be manufactured in a variety of materials like steel, aluminum, or extruded aluminum, and may include: customized reflectors/shielding, special mounting, ballasting, and lamping arrangements, self contained emergency lighting, motion sensors, and many other options and accessories. If this is not the exact item or configuration you need, Please
    » Contact Crownlite.
  • Information supplied may change without notice. Consult factory for verification, samples, and minimum quantities.

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