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Energy Tax Benefits - The 2005 Energy Policy Act

Energy Tax Benefit Potential For You And Your Customers Thru The 2005 Energy Policy Act.
Did you know LIGHTING DISTRIBUTORS and CONTRACTORS who provide independent third party energy certification for their clients have the potential to secure more jobs and receive substantial tax benefits due to the 2005 Energy Policy Act?

Crownlite Mfg., working in an independent, professionally licensed engineering consulting capacity dedicated to green services, can help the distributor and contractor gain a competitive edge, and help the owner obtain a tremendous economic advantage that usually goes unrealized.

Crownlite partners with lighting distributors, contractors, and facility owners nationally to complete the independent energy certification process that provides significant tax benefits and a substantially increased return on investment for clients. Through the energy certification process, clients of lighting distributors and contractors are awarded significant tax benefits from the 2005 Energy Policy Act, which was recently extended through December 31, 2013. With Crownlite as a resource, you will have a competitive edge by earning repeat and new business over lighting distributors and contractors who cannot offer their clients the same energy tax benefits you can provide through your partnership with Crownlite.

We are approved for the Energy Efficiency Certification Process so you can start winning more jobs and increase profitability for your business immediately. When you partner with Crownlite, you get a licensed, third-party engineering firm at your side (as required by the IRS) to help you and your clients assess past, current and future projects for energy-efficient tax qualifications and complete the certification process.

Crownlite wants to be a resource and establish a mutually beneficial relationship with lighting distributors, contractors, and owners in which we can assist in certifying your projects. We will also work with your clients CPAs to assist them in processing the tax benefits in the appropriate IRS format which is a unique process that requires tax expertise which Crownlite possesses.

Lighting distributors and contractors receive significant operational benefits as a result of the 2005 Energy Policy Act and its recent extension for two main reasons:

    1. Commercial building owner clients of lighting contractors are eligible for a tax deduction of up to $1.80 per square feet for the installation of energy saving systems into new or existing construction. By advising clients to incorporate energy-efficient lighting systems into buildings to save tax dollars, lighting contractors are realizing increased client satisfaction and loyalty.

    2. Direct allocation of the Federal tax deduction (a partial deduction of $.60 per square foot) to lighting contractors for the installation of energy saving lighting systems in new or existing public buildings owned by a Federal, state or local government.

      * If you installed energy-efficient lighting systems into a PUBLIC building since 2006, Crownlite can assess your eligibility for these significant tax benefits.

    3. Lighting contractors with the knowledge of these tax benefits are able to bid Public Building projects much more competitively and as we see an increase in Public Building production to stimulate the economy, this can be a significant tool in successfully winning bids.

To establish a mutually beneficial relationship and learn more about how Crownlite is helping lighting contractors realize maximum savings from this valuable tax deduction, or to request a white paper on the 2005 Energy Policy Act, Please >> Contact Crownlite.

NOTICE: To ensure compliance with Treasury Regulations (31 CFR Part 10, 10,35), we inform you that any tax advice contained in this correspondence was not intended or written by us to be used, and cannot be used by you or anyone else, for the purpose of avoiding penalties imposed by the Internal Revenue Code.

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