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Request for Warranty Service Report Form

After sale support service.
The PDF form below is designed to provide an fast and easy way for you to communicate your warrantee service needs to us. Please download the PDF document using the link below, fill it out, and fax it back.

Please attach as much of the following information as possible, so we can clearly understand your specific situation and issues. This added information is usually necessary if we are to quickly determine a course of action.

Additional Information Needed To Expedite Service (please attach and fax back with PDF claim form):

  • Original Invoice nbr and Date

  • Cust Po nbr and Date

  • Have you read our Standard Limited Warrantee and Terms of Sale?

  • What do you think the problem is (won't light, dim, flickers, lamps burn out, hum, parts defective or won't fit, etc.)?

  • What is the line voltage suppose to be?

  • Has the line voltage at the fixtures actually been measured and what was it?

  • Are you sure the Black wire is the line “HOT”, the white wire is the “neutral, and that they are not reversed at the fixture or the panel?

  • Has fixture grounding been checked (a good ground is essential for safety and to prevent hard or eratic starting)?

  • Who is the ballast mfg., type, and mfg cat nbr (Open the fixture and read of the ballast label)?

  • Have you installed known good lamps (taken from working fixture)?

  • Are all the lamps installed correctly and tight in the socket(s)?

  • Who is the lamp mfg., type, and mfg cat.nbr. (read off the end of the lamp)?

  • Have the ballast cover and socket bars been removed and the wiring inspected for loose wires?

  • What is the fixture type, and cat nbr?

  • How many fixtures are there on the job?

  • How many of these appear defective?

  • What type of facility are they installed in and where in the facility are the fixtures installed?

  • How are they installed (recessed, surface, pendant, etc.)?

  • What is the ceiling type (none, layin, flange, other)?

  • What is the mounting height?

  • Are they installed suspended from stems or cable?

  • Is the space heated?

  • Are the fixtures installed near an air conditioning duct?

  • Do we have clear access to reach the fixtures?

  • Is there a save means of reaching the fixtures on site (ladder, forklift, scaffolding, etc.)?

  • What hours is the job site open to do work?

  • Who should we call for an appointment ?

  • Other special considerations or remarks?
Until we complete our evaluation and make a determination, you are not authorized to perform any work, or attempt any repairs, on any Crownlite product. This may void any warrantee protection you may have. You are also not authorized to incur any cost or expense on behalf of Crownlite without our prior written consent.

Once we have all the information, we will determine what assistance and action is needed and be back to you.

Please be patient as this process may take a few days to complete.

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