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A Comprehensive Design and Engineering Checklist

Lighting, Electrical, and Data for POP/POS Displays, Signs and Exhibits
The Human eye is naturally attracted to the brightest element in the environment. Lighting attracts the buyer’s attention and creates excitement. Well lit displays simply sell more merchandise at retail, increasing your Brand’s ROI.

A properly lit display, with well thought out electrical and data distribution systems, is not an accident. It is the end result of a deliberate and focused collaboration between sales, creative design, product development, engineering, estimating, purchasing, and your lighting and electrical vendor/partner. Lighting is a specialty, combining art and science.

The earlier in a project an experienced lighting and electrical specialist is brought in, the better the display will look and preform, the fewer changes will have to be made, and the less the final system will cost.

The most capable design and engineering staff will acknowledge the need for outside help in the design, development and manufacturing of high quality, economical POP lighting and POS electrical systems. The lighting and electrical vendor must be able to help: review the display’s requirements, make suggestions to improve lighting quality and system economics, refine the design concept, generate detailed specifications, and render meaningful cost estimates; responding quickly to sample and prototype needs.

Crownlite is a strong lighting, electrical, and data components manufacturer that has been filling this roll for over 60+ years. The Following Detailed Requirements Checklist . . . Explores major design and engineering areas that affect cost, quality, and performance. It underscores the complexity of what may seem to be deceivingly simple components of a project.

It can be used in many ways: as a design aid, to help generate complete and detailed lighting and electrical specifications, or as a means of quickly and easily communicating project requirements to the manufacturer. Drawings and actual physical samples always speed the process and insure a more accurate and timely response.

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